Recruit locally

«We adhere to the principle of equal access to employment, we recruit by focusing on young talent and make sure to respect the male-female part of society. »


Human Resources Manager

Madagascar is a big country with a lot of potential. We recruit locally and have a workforce of nearly 150 agents across the country, engaged, sharing our vision and abiding by our values.

Protect the environment

In cooperation with the local population of the reforestation site, our reforestation program has taken on a whole new dimension because we are not just planting, we are monitoring reforested areas and we are committed to a 75% success rate.

We have currently reforested over 4 hectares, and we are just getting started. Teams and families are strongly committed. As we say, Tanora mamboly hazo, antitra manan-kialofana (Plant trees when you are young, they will provide you some shade when you get old).

Responsible Company, Annual Reforestation, Recycling our waste

We are a responsible company, and we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. We mobilize all our teams to participate diligently in the annual reforestation days, in collaboration with agents from the Ministry of the Environment. We also work with different partners to recycle our waste.

Supporting children and the most vulnerable

We contribute to improved social conditions by investing in the communities in which we are present. We work primarily for children and the most vulnerable.

Our actions

  • Improve their access to drinking water by building wells
  • Support different associations working in the education of needy children

Save lives

I give my blood, I save lives.

Because patients every day need it, hospital stocks are not enough and because no medicine can replace it, we regularly hold blood drives.


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