Cargo Tracking Note (BSC)

First step towards dematerialization


This is the first data entry in the TradeNet electronic one-stop shop.

The establishment of the BSC (following Decision No. 01/MFB/SG/DGD of March 23, 2007) allows anticipation of customs verifications and contributes to reduced clearance period.

The BSC is also a first step towards the implementation of the single reference of expeditions recommended by the WCO.

It is currently only required for import.

How does it work?


Right upon shipment, the exporter accesses the online application to inform the Malagasy customs authorities about the goods shipped.


By registering its BSC, the exporter attaches the required basic documents, including the invoice, the packing note, the bill of lading and the export customs declaration.


The Technical Center, after checking the form, validates the BSC. The BSC validated as "admissible" is required as part of customs clearance.

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